Caravans have natural risk with high level and most considerable risk is electrical safety. Latest and upgraded Caravans are equipped with three types of electrical system i.e. for lights, for battery and for sockets including electrical hook-ups.

When caravan is on route, vibration produced with movement cause the parts of caravan’s to become loose and it is very risky when electrical parts are loose it may lead to short circuit and big problem can be occurred. To avoid such types of instances there should be regular check after every journey to find out the problem if any occurred during trip. Regular check for repair and maintenance saves from the big loss and replacement of caravan’s parts.

When we start check-up of your caravan we are mainly focused to electrical troubleshooting and finding of electrical problems. Whole wiring of the Caravan is checked and if we make doubt about wiring then you change the wire to avoid the electrical system failure on the road during journey. Any incident happens due to non-maintenance can ruin the enjoyment of the family who are going to spend vacations in your Caravan and it will be a very regretted position in-front of the customers they have paid you for their enjoyment not for facing such types of incidents that are caused due to your carelessness.

Do circuit breakers are working properly? If not then at the time of power overloading many of the electrical products installed in Caravan may be burn or become victim of short circuit. Main function of the circuit breaker is to switch off the entire system immediately when there is detection of overloading of power. These types of trouble shooting cannot be assessed by a common man until and unless he/she has knowledge to identify it. When circuit breakers are not working properly sensitive wiring of Caravan are damaged and require replacement and for replacement there is much cost to bear for an owner of Caravans. To protect electrical system of the Caravan, circuit isolation is used. Circuit isolation is able to protect your electrical system from overloading.

Potential shock hazard can be created by polarity (if it is reversed). When current enters rig through the neutral instead of live wiring shock hazard appears. To check about the correct polarity of electrical system polarity testers are available. There are many more instances that could be occurred due to any electrical system failure and non-maintenance.

At TOWFIX we don’t leave the Caravan until we are satisfied with our caravan repairs Newcastle and maintenance, electrical problems can be turn into very serious and critical condition if not monitored at the beginning stage. For repaid and maintenance you have to pay low cost as compared to replacement of the parts and equipment of Caravans. Regular maintenance check can also increase the life of you Caravan also. 

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