How Is Dog Boarding Done

Dogs normally react differently if they are in an unfamiliar environment where they never have been before so it is very important that the boarding of the dogs should be done properly and planned according to in order to keep them happy and not left alone even in the absence of their owners like best small pet boarding.  

Dogs are very sensitive to the changes they feel and any inconsistency they feel in their routines, therefore it is very important for the team to plan everything for dogs especially what their routine will be, what they are expected to eat and what are their norms. This information is very important for the pet attendant to know to make life better for the dogs in the absence of their owners.

When a dog wakes up, it is lead by pet attendant to the walking or running area where it completes its morning exercise of daily run or walks which keep its fit and happy for the rest of the day, it is then led to playing area where they get cuddled by and checked for their satisfaction.

Morning medications and breakfast are then provided right before the conduction of health check in the afternoon which ensures the health of the dog and they are adopting the change. Pampering is conducted in the afternoon before lunch is provided for dogs. Dogs are ensured that they receive the best possible support from the pet attendant and receive cuddles every now and then and especially they go back to their sleep after dinner time. Dogs at Small Paws spend some quality time in grassed gardens which they like and feel like home, but Small Paws also have indoor play areas which are centrally heated and air-conditioned for dogs who like to stay indoors most of the time.

There is 4 levels of accommodation provided to the dogs depending on the plan which the owner chooses. These involve Pucci suites, deluxe suites, premium lodge, and the lodge

Pucci suites are very large and luxurious suites which makes a pet feel like home, where each dog is provided with a single bed with steps, every necessary toy which would keep it happy. It has an indoor play area and complimentary spa bath with blow dry which dogs really value.
Deluxe suites are very large and spacious rooms for dogs which includes dog beds and dog toys. It can be shared by two of the dogs which get along with each other, it also has a complimentary spa bath and small play area which dog really loves. Extra pampering has to be requested in order to be availed.

As the name says, premium lodge is the premium rooms which are refurbished and provides extra comfort. It has got personalized service along with full size bedroom windows with a great view. Spa baths are given after one day before the departure if the dog stays in the hotel for 4 days at least.

The lodge, on the other hand is an economical option which has rooms which are filled by separate enclosures and each dog has a separate blanket. A spa bath is given just like a premium lodge before the day of departure.